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I often get asked by brides if getting-ready photos are really necessary. I definitely think they are! I alway recommend you include time for getting-ready photos in your timeline. This is such an important part of your wedding day, it helps sets the tone for the rest of the day. This is the perfect time to capture all your beautiful details, such as your dress, rings, shoes, florals, perfume, etc. It’s also a great ice breaker for photographers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents to get to know each other before any of the formal photos begin. Plus, there are some very special and memorable moments that happen during this time: getting pampered with your girls, exchanging gifts with your soon-to-be-spouse, stepping into your wedding dress, toasting to your marriage! This is the beginning of a day you’ve been planning and dreaming about for a long time and it deserves to be documented beautifully!





here are my 5 tips on how to get the best getting-ready photos ever!

1.Have Fun

Don’t let anything stress you out! Be sure to take care of any logistics the day before and designate someone who’s not in the wedding party to help with last minute things that may pop up. Or, better yet, you’ve hired a wedding planner/day of coordinator to take care of all these things! This is your time with your favorite people, you’re about to marry your best friend, and nothing else matters! I’m a sucker for a great playlist, so I recommend you put some of your favorite songs together to enjoy while being pampered + sipping champagne!




2. keep it clean

It’s easy for things to get messy when you’re having fun, but keeping things tidy and removing any clutter around the room will help your photos look polished and clean. Be sure to have the bed made too!




3.make it personal

You’ve worked hard to ensure your wedding day is a reflection of who you are. Be sure to add some personal touches to your getting-ready moments too. This could be things like an embroidered robe for you and/or matching robes for your bridesmaids, a personalized Mrs. hanger for your dress, any heirloom pieces, or a special gift to a parent or bridesmaids.






4.get ready last

Make sure you chat with your hair and makeup artist that your bridesmaids will be done first, so they can get dressed while you’re getting your final touchups. Now that everyone is ready and looking amazing, it’s time to for you to get into your wedding dress!





5.have your bridesmaids dress first

This is a must! Once they’re dressed and ready, then they can help you get into your dress. This makes for the best photos, free from any distractions and everyone is looking gorgeous!




Seriously, I love documenting this part of your wedding! The the getting-ready photos are always so beautiful and organic. They evolve naturally and they just tell such a complete story of your day. They are images I know our brides cherish forever. Are you planning to include time for getting-ready photos on your wedding day? Do you have any questions for me? I’d love to hear all about your day and assist in anyway I can! Let’s chat soon.

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