Neon Museum Proposal | GJ + Jaime


Here are two of my favorite things: The Neon Museum and a surprise proposal!

The Neon Museum is just such an icon Vegas establishment and is truly a blast to shoot at! I love the fun vintage vibe and all the pops of color! Proposals are some of my favorite events to photograph. There are just so many genuine emotions going on: nervousness, surprise, anxiousness, happiness, and of course, there is so much love, laughter, and even some tears of joy!

GJ had reached out to me to begin planning his proposal to his girlfriend, Jaime. He knew he wanted to propose at the The Neon Museum.

Once he booked it for a photo shoot,, he told Jaime it was just to get some fun photos while his sister was in town from the Bay area. I met them their that afternoon and began to photograph the group and couple. GJ and I had already set up our plan and he knew exactly when to pop the question and I was ready to capture it all! Jaime as surprised and of course, so happy! She quickly said, Yes and soon GJ’s sister and their other good friend came in for congratulatory hugs!

After all the hugs and a few more group photos, we finished the session with photos of the newly engaged couple! It was such a sweet time and I am so happy for them, as they begin to plan for their wedding and the rest of their life together!

If you’re interested in proposing in Las Vegas and just aren’t sure where to start, just reach out to me and I can help you every step of the way from recommendations, step by step planning, and of course, capturing the moment for you! Click here to contact me!

  1.  You are seriously beyond gifted!

    • Jessie Emeric says:

      Thanks! You’re work is lovely too!

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