Seven Magic Mountains Sunrise Engagement Session | Crystal + Ray


Crystal and I met via Instagram way before she moved to Vegas and met Ray. We were both part of a fitness and Spartan Race community of amazing women! I met some great people with that group that I still keep in touch with even though the group is no longer a thing. Crystal is originally from New York and we met in person some years ago when she came to run a Spartan Race in Las Vegas with the IG group. Her and I, along with another awesome teammate got together for a hike at Red Rock Canyon before the big group pre-race dinner and just really hit it off. It was like hanging out with old friends. Like I said, we’ve since kept in touch and she actually moved to Vegas a couple of years ago and as they say, the rest is history! Or in our case, things just got better!! She met Ray and they fell in love and are planning to get married this September. I am seriously so honored that she chose us to be her wedding photographers and cannot wait to see her marry her best friend.

For their engagement session, Crystal really wanted to get the desert vibe, and loved the colorful art installation in the middle of the desert known as Seven Magic Mountains. However, she also wanted something a little more traditional and really liked the look of The Village Lake Las Vegas. So, what were we to do? Go to both, of course!!! This is why we include engagement sessions in all our wedding day packages, because we want you to get exactly what you want! Plus, engagement sessions are such a fun time and a great way for the 4 of us to get to know each other and for you to get comfortable in front of our cameras and get a glimpse of what the wedding day can be like. It’s a total win-win!!

We started our day with a beautiful sunrise session at Seven Magic Mountains, filled with gorgeous morning light! We also had some leftover mini smoke bombs we brought along and had a fun time using those! Then, it was off to Lake Las Vegas for round 2 complete with outfit changes and more props! Crystal made a cute sign with their wedding hashtag #CrysgotcaRayedaway How clever, huh? Enjoy checking out their session!






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