Las Vegas Wedding Photographer: New Website + New Branding

Hello and welcome! I’m Jessie Emeric, a Las Vegas wedding photographer, but I’ll travel anywhere you want to go! I focus on weddings, elopements, and proposals, but I also photograph vow renewals, maternity sessions, and couples in love!

Last week I launched my new branding + website! For my first blog post on this site, I’d I’d like to share the WHY behind this decision. I started my photography business in the Central Florida area and for years, I focused on traditional weddings. Jason (my hubby) became my second shooter and it was so great for my couples to have a married photo team capture their wedding. However, once we moved to Las Vegas, NV, things slowly shifted and elopements became more popular than traditional weddings. Since elopements are usually just the couple or maybe there’s a handful of guests, it wasn’t necessary for Jason to come along. It became apparent that a name change was needed, as to not create confusion, as in, who/what is “the emerics”?

I decided to keep things simple and use my name as the brand, as business owner and photographer. This doesn’t mean Jason won’t second shoot with me or that I only shoot elopements. It’s just an easier and more transparent representation of where I am in my business now. I wanted to create a brand that represented me as a person and photographer. I want couples to know exactly who will be photographing their wedding.

I’m so excited for what’s to come and how I can really showcase my work and a bit of who I am in this new blog and website. I’ll be blogging recent work regularly, as well as sharing a bit more about what I’ve been up to, things I love, and travels. I think it’s important you get to know me too and not just my work. I also intend on being a resource for bride’s looking to get married in Las Vegas and for folks interested in proposing here. So, I’ll be sharing lots of tips and ideas for you here too. Tell me, is there anything you’d like to see here?

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