Family Friday | Being Guests at Wedding

Last month we got invited to our friends, Linda & Sean’s wedding in Orange County, California.  My sister & her hubs (the Riveras) were also invited, so we took a little road trip to SoCal!  This was the first wedding we were guests at in a very long time, so I was super excited to leave our pro cameras behind and get a completely different view of the wedding day!

The wedding was on Saturday (12-13-14) at 4pm, so we got an early start to our day and did some sight seeing at Newport & Huntington Beach before the wedding.  The weather was perfect and we had a great time relaxing and enjoying the California sunshine and taking in the ocean breeze!  Before we knew it, it was time to get dolled up for the wedding.  I gotta say, as wedding photographers, being guests at a wedding was such a treat.  I got to dress up in a fancy dress, wear heals, and makeup!  We only took our handy little Fuji x100S point & shoot camera and enjoyed the evening drinking, dancing, and mingling!

Being a guest at a wedding, really reinforced how much we love what we do and why I don’t wear heals to photograph a wedding! LOL   It also helped us see how important it is to have wedding photographers there capturing all those special little moments, the laughs, the group hugs, the friendships, the fun dancing, the impromptu karaoke on the dance floor, all of it!  For us, documenting someone’s wedding day, is such a privilege and we are so grateful to all our couples for choosing us to be there capturing it for them and their families.

Linda + Sean: Congratulations on your wedding!  Thanks for having us as guests at your wedding!  We had a blast! xo

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