Behind the Scenes of 2014 | Las Vegas Wedding Photographers

Another year is coming to an end and that means it’s time to reflect on how things went this year.  2014 was definitely a great year both professionally and personally.  We got to meet some amazing couples from around the country, we  traveled with our family to fun places, and I got Jason to run his first half marathon with me 😉
For the past 2 years we’ve been sharing some fun behind the scenes shots of us in action, sharing everything from photo bombs to dancing with brides!  Here we go again sharing some behind the scenes fun with you all for 2014!  Enjoy 🙂


Jason really wants to make sure the shot is just right in camera!

And me, well, clearly I want to make sure your dress is just right for the picture.  I look out for my girls!

Don’t worry, Jason’s going to make sure the groom is looking just right too.  If that means, adjusting your boutonniere or showing you some dance moves, so be it! 

Getting large bridal parties and families just right for the formals takes lots of hard work and sometimes saying a little prayer as I walk away helps too 😉

Working together has it’s perks, but getting in each other’s shots is sometimes inevitable.  Oh you can’t just shoot right over my head, I guess I’m not as short as I thought…

Don’t worry, Alicia was ok!  I didn’t fall on her and I got the shot 😉

It’s all in the little details and sometimes, flowers and mini whisky bottles need love too!

Now, let’s play “Where’s the photographer?”

Follow me, I know the way!

Sometimes we photo bomb each other’s shots for the fun of it!

Leaving a wedding not just as your favorite photographers (wink, wink) but as friends, is just the best!

A huge thanks to all our couples who trust us and let us do what we love year after year.  Thank you for welcoming us into your lives and allowing us to capture your wedding day.  It means the world to us! xo


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