Red Rock Canyon Engagement Session: Jen + Rick


Here’s the great thing about engagement sessions. They’re all about you! It’s a time to to a break from wedding day planning stresses and just enjoy some time together being you. I tell my couples to think of it as a date night out and hey, you should actually just go on a date afterwards. You’re already dressed up & having fun, go out and make an evening of it!

I had a blast hanging out with Jen & Rick at Red Rock Canyon for their Las Vegas engagement session a few months before their wedding. It was great getting to know them and their super chill vibe and sense of humor. I loved their laid back style and playfulness. It got us all looking forward to their wedding day, plus it put them at ease, knowing that I got a sense of who they are and that they could trust me to capture their day in a way that was true to them.

Did you recently get engaged and are looking for some fun, relaxed, engagement photos? Great, hit me up HERE and let’s chat soon!

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