5 Tips for the Best Engagement Photos Ever


It’s engagement season and there’s nothing better than getting photos together to announce to the world that you two will be married soon! I highly recommend couples take engagement photos!! Engagement sessions are awesome because they give you an opportunity to start feeling comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. Your photographer should help you feel at ease and make the experience enjoyable. Plus, you’ll get amazing photos that you can use for save the dates, a wedding sign in memory book, memory slideshows, and canvas prints at the wedding and for your home.

Once you book your session, it’s time to start planning what to wear and this is where some couples get nervous and brides start to panic. So just take a deep breath and remember that this is something that’s going to be fun!

Below are 5 tips for you to consider when planning your Las Vegas engagement session.

5 Tips for the Best Engagement Photos Ever

1. Stick to your style. Choosing what to wear is by far the hardest part of any photo shoot. Trust me when I tell you, choose outfits that you would normally wear. I don’t mean to say you should wear your favorite joggers and call it a day, though! Just keep in mind that this is not the time to experiment with new styles or trends. Do not ask your fiancé to wear a suite and tie if that is not something he is comfortable wearing. Of course, this is a good time to splurge and wear something special, just keep it true to you. You both want to feel comfortable during your session. My advice is to think of it as a nice date night! If to you that looks like a pretty flowy dress and heals, awesome. If you’re more comfortable in jeans and boots, you rock that! You want to feel confident in your choice of outfits.




2. Hair & Makeup. Schedule your wedding hair and makeup trial for this same day and you’ll be get to mark one more thing off your wedding planning to-do list! It’ll be one less thing you’ll have to worry about doing yourself. Plus, who doesn’t love to get pampered! Also, don’t worry if you think your wedding look is “too much” for your engagement session. Just let your artist know you’re doing your engagement photos after and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind toning it down before you leave.

Professional hair and makeup will have you looking and feeling beautiful and that’s going to boost that confidence right up! If you are having a destination engagement session, check out local makeup artists or ask your photographer (ME!) for recommendations on who will come to your hotel room and pamper you with gorgeous makeup that compliments your outfit and style.



3. Clean your Ring. This is your engagement session and that ring is going to have it’s moment to shine. Literally! So, make sure your ring is looking extra sparkly that day.



4. Get your nails done. To go along with tip #3, you’ll want to make sure your nails are clean and pretty for those close up shots. A simple manicure, or pretty nail polish color that coordinates with your outfit is plenty! But hey you get creative, it’s all about expressing who you are!




5. Props. Props are fun and give you something to do to help ease the nerves of being photographed. A cute engagement or wedding day sign, flowers, blankets, your fur babies, those are all great options. A bottle of champagne to pop open or your favorite beverage is also a good idea and make for some really fun shots.




BONUS: Have fun! This is all about you. It’s a time to take a break from wedding day planning stresses and just enjoy some time together. You’re already dressed up nicely, so make the best of it and go out and celebrate your love and upcoming marriage.




I hope you enjoyed these tips and you’re going into your engagement session with a bit more excitement and confidence. And if you just got engaged, I hope these tips got you excited to book your photo session soon! I promise it’ll be a ton of fun 😉 Hit me up HERE and let’s chat soon!

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