Las Vegas Dry Lake Bed Elopement | Christina + Barrett


Christina + Barrett had their sweet elopement ceremony on one of the windiest days out at the dry lake bed no amount of wind was going to damper their spirits! I’m not gonna lie, I was concerned and nervous as we drove alongside the dry lake bed and we had to pull over on the side of the road because we just couldn’t see anything in front of us due to the major dust storm happening! Eventually we inched our way along and came out of the worst of it. We all made it safely out of the dust storm and headed out to our favorite spot on the dry lake bed. These two love birds were getting married and nothing was going to stop them from celebrating their love!

Christina had Victoria from Flora Pop officiate the ceremony and it was such a sweet and personal ceremony. I loved how they included their daughter in the ceremony and read their personal vows to each other.

Flora Pop is a pop- up wedding company that as it states on the website, they’ve been “redefining what it means to elope since 2014”! Not only do they take care of all the legal paperwork, they also make it truly special by providing the florals and champagne + donuts! It was such a treat to work together.

Due to the strong wind, they decided to enjoy their champagne and donuts afterwards, but they did do a little toast with the sparkling cider Victoria brought along so that their daughter wouldn’t feel left out of the celebration! Umm, how sweet was that? Seriously, just the best!

After their ceremony +toast we stuck around the dry lake bed and captured more photos of Christina and Barrett, as well as some with the 3 of them! These guys were such troopers to endure the wind out there and not let it hinder their love and happiness!!

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