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Happy Friday!  I am so excited to finally be sharing our experience and a few images from our week in Peru back in November.  Seriously wish we could have stayed an additional week because there were a few things we would have loved to see and do, but just didn’t have the time.  Once I started researching, I realized Peru is such a diverse country and has so many amazing places to visit besides just Machu Picchu.  

As it was, this trip had so many moving parts to it.  We never really settled in anywhere because it felt like we were constantly on the move, with the ultimate goal of reaching Machu Picchu, the bucket list item!  Yes we were exhausted, sore from hiking, sun-burnt, and maybe a little cranky by the end of this trip, but all the amazing places we got to visit and the fun little adventures we had along the way were so worth it! This was really a trip of a lifetime! 

We went as a belated anniversary trip, so it was just the two of.  Big shout out to my parents who are always willing and able to stay with the kiddos so we can travel at least once a year without them.  I think it’s so important in a marriage to spend at least a couple days away (even if it’s just a stay-cation) together to remember why you fell in love in the first place.  Our anniversary trips are our way of taking a break from the stresses of daily life, a time to exhale and reconnect! It’s the best time and we always look forward to our time together.  PS. Don’t feel bad for our kiddos, they travel tons throughout the year with us! 🙂 

Now, on to the trip! We flew into Lima then took a domestic flight to Cusco to start our adventure.  After 2 days in Cusco, we made our way to the Sacred Valley for a tour of some amazing ruins and then we took the train to Machu Piccho the next day.  The following day, we made our way back to Cusco from the Sacred Valley, for one last night before taking a flight to Lima. We spent a day in the capital city along the coast and then took an early flight back home the next morning.  Like I said, it was a whirlwind of a trip and we were constantly on the go! If you’d like to read lots more details about our trip with day by day break downs and the crazy adventures we had along the way – check out my personal blog, It’s a Messy Life!  There are tons more photos there too!  For now, enjoy a few highlight images here: 

Cusco was such a vibrant city and rich in culture and traditions.  And, well, who can resist a baby llama!  

The sights throughout the Sacred Valley were my favorite (besides Machu Picchu, of course!) The ruins of Moray are believed to have been a sort of agricultural test lab.  Due to the circular shape and depth of the terraces, they could study who different temperatures, wind, and sun direction, affected the crops and they were even able to create various types of potatoes! The other major site we visited was the salt mines,Salineras de Maras.  There are nearly 3,000 salt pans, shallow pools that are filled by a hypersaline underground spring.  It is believed these salt mines have been around since before Incan times and are still active and hand-harvested by local families to this day.  

Finally, Machu Picchu was everything we expected it to be and maybe a little more.  We were able to explore the area with less crowds than expected (due to some major planning on my part.  If you’re curious, here’s the link to find out more about Machu Picch!)  

The drive through the countryside on our way to Cusco was so quaint and pretty! It’s like being transported to a much simpler time.  

Cusco gave us a beautiful sunset on our last night there!  It was the perfect send off 🙂 

Although we only had a partial day in Lima, we enjoyed what we could, especially the food! It was cloudy when we were there, but I can imagine the views must be spectacular on a sunny day! 

Thanks for reading along!  So, tell me, whats your favorite adventure you’ve taken together? 

XO, Jessie 

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