Family Friday | 50th Wedding Anniversary


We celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary this past Sunday and although our family may have recently gone through and is still currently going through some rough times, it was a day to celebrate.  It was a day to not only honor the love of two people but a time to look back on their legacy and reminisce on all their accomplishments, their travels, their hard work and determination.  It was a time to look back and really see all the lives they’ve touched and all the people who’ve shaped their lives and who’s lives they’ve help shape too.  Fifty years of marriage is no small feat. Yes, they’ve had their ups and downs but they’ve always chosen to take on this roller coaster together! 

Our evening consisted of an early family dinner at Texas de Brazil and then when we were all stuffed beyond measure, we went to my sister’s house for cake and champagne! Ok, I was the only drinking the champagne, but I’m ok with that! And in case you were wondering, my parents had Crown on the rocks and my sister chose her signature vodka tonic.  My kiddos dedicated and performed the song, La Bamba, for their grandparents.  Diego played guitar and Elysse sang the song.  They’d been practicing off and on for weeks and they did such a good job! Afterwards, we played them a slideshow my sister and I worked on all week! Going through 50 years of photos and trying to narrow them down, was hard.  In the end, we created what we thought was a pretty good trip down memory lane! We ended our evening with a little bit of kareoke, because is it even a party without some off key sing-alongs! 

Cake + Strawberries: Peridot Sweets | Florals: GJune Trades  

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