Modern Las Vegas Destination Wedding | Ellie + Isaac

Las Vegas is a one of the top wedding destinations in the world and we are so lucky that we get to photograph weddings from couples who travel here from all over the country and all over the world!  Last week we got to meet and photograph Ellie and Isaac’s wedding day.  They came all the way from Australia to tie the knot.  Along with them came Isaac’s brother and sister-in-law.  Coming from so far away, these guys will be traveling all over the U.S. before getting back to their friends and family in Australia as Mr. & Mrs. I offered to go along with them as tour guide/travel photographer as they visited some of my favorite cities, but I think they thought I was joking…I was not. Traveling is my absolute favorite thing to do and this year we have had to slow down on the travels and focus on another type of adventure, home buying.  So, in the meantime as we deal with house hunting stresses, I will live vicariously though everyone else I meet who is going on epic travel adventures.  We’ll be back traveling soon enough, but staying put has been rough for me.  To pass the time, I should really start packing up our house, huh?

Anyhow, I met up with Ellie at the Christophe Salon inside the MGM Grand where she was getting the final touches to her makeup.  Jason met up with Isaac and his brother in their room.  Once the boys were ready, they left the room so that the girls could go in and finish getting ready.  The timing was nearly perfect!  Ellie and Isaac were married at the Forever Grand Chapel at the MGM Grand and unfortunately, like most hotel-casino’s on the strip, we were not permitted to photograph their ceremony.  No worries, because after the ceremony we met up with them in downtown Las Vegas  and had a super fun time getting some cool shots amongst the graffiti walls and buildings.  Afterwards, we took a drive out to the desert and showed them a different side of Vegas.  We even got a visit from a couple of burros who photo-bombed some of our shots.  Of course, photo-bombed in the best way possible, the way only a burro can!


E+I: Thanks for having us photograph your day!  We had a blast with you guys.  We hope you are enjoying your honeymoon traveling 🙂

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