Family Friday | Introducing Baby Girl June

This week’s Family Friday is not about my personal family life and adventures, but it is about family nonetheless.  Today’s post is about a growing family who is very dear and close to me.  Last week, I had the utmost privilege of witnessing the birth of my friend Angie‘s baby girl.  I’d co-hosted her baby shower in March and if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you check it out. It’s very girly-glam! Anyhow, we’ve all been very excited to meet baby girl. I also had the privilege of photographing their son’s birth just 18 months before, so I was thrilled they’d ask me to be there for the birth of their baby girl.  Both births were planned C-sections, so we had a set date and time of arrival.  I was prepared to wait in the room while the baby was being delivered, just like the time before.  However, to my surprise and delight, I was allowed to go in and photograph the C-section birth.  There’s one to mark off the bucket list, huh! I will admit, I was a bit nervous to go into an operating room, as I had never been in one before or seen a live C-section birth.  It was such a surreal experience to witness and document.  I’ve photographed natural births before and this was so completely different.  It was super bright in there, but relatively quiet and even a bit relaxed.  Yet, however different the atmospheres are, the outcome is still the same.  A baby is being brought into the world and there is no greater joy and amazement than when you see this new life!  That day, we welcomed baby girl June, born just a little bit smaller than her brother at 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 20 inches tall.  I just know she will be a true joy and a most welcomed addition to their family, giving her brothers a run for their money 😉

A + W: Thank you for  trusting me to document such a special moment of your lives.  I am truly grateful.  Much love to you and your family.  Oh and just know, that witnessing the birth of your babies, pretty much means we’re friends for life.  XO

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