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Aside from the wedding day, Jason and I really love photographing engagement sessions! It’s during the engagement session that our couples get to know how we work and get comfortable around us and our cameras! During the engagement session, we build a trust that leads us to an amazing wedding day experience together. Our couples know the poses, they trust that we’re going to work together with them and bring out genuine emotions and smiles during their portrait session. Capturing a couple’s pure joy and love during the engagement session and then again during their wedding day is what we live for!  We highly encourage all of our couples to include an engagement session with us before the wedding day and we include the engagement session in most of our collections.  Keep reading to get a few tips to ensure your engagement session is gonna rock!

4 Tips for a  Fabulous Engagement Session!  

  • What to wear. I always say, wear what you’re comfortable in. If your soon-to-be-hubby is a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, don’t ask him to wear a suit and tie for the engagement session. Likewise, if you’re favorite outfit consists of a cute dress and Toms, don’t overdo it with 3 inch heels. But if dressing up is your thing, go for it all the way! You want your engagement session to reflect who you are right now. Wearing an outfit that you love and are comfortable in are going to make you feel confident and beautiful and that will show through in your photos!


  • Professional hair & makeup. This one goes along with tip #2. Having a professional do your hair and makeup just makes you feel good! You know you’re looking awesome and that’s going to make you feel confident and that confidence is definitely going to show in your photos! You are gonna rock it! Lots of our brides choose to have their trial done before the engagement session and that works out perfectly!


  • Have fun. This is by far the most important thing to remember. Just have fun and enjoy being together. Forget about the stresses of wedding planning and use this time to reconnect and remember why you are getting married in the first place. You’re in love, you have fun together, you laugh together, you dream together, and now you’re ready to tell the world you just can’t live without each other! Here’s to making new memories together!

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