Family Friday | Being Married to Your Best Friend


August 28, 1996 I married my best friend.  Young and in love, we had no idea what we were getting into!  We just knew we wanted to be together.  We had no idea what the future would bring, but we knew that we’d get there together. Sure, life has had it’s ups and downs.  Yes, those first few years were a bit tremulous, but we never gave up on each other.  We never gave up on love.

I could not imagine my life without Jason.  He is my true love, my best friend.  Being married for 19 years to your best friend means you always have someone by your side, someone who’s got your back.  Someone who will take you up on those crazy ideas and say, yes you can totally do that.  Being married to your best friend means enjoying the best & worst things together.  Traveling, raising our kiddos, reaching milestones, struggles, successes, failures, victories, they are all shared.  There is nothing more comforting than knowing that no matter what, you are loved.  That is what being married to your best friend is like.  It’s knowing you can be yourself, your best self or your worst self, and never doubt that you are loved.  It’s falling in love over and over each day.  It’s doing little things for each other, like loading the dishwasher at night because the other one is too tired to do it.  It’s going grocery shopping for your love because you know it makes her anxious.  It’s taking the kids to the park because mommy has to finish reading her book club book.  It’s all these things and more.

Being married to your best friend means means not letting our crazy busy life get in the way of what really matters, that is being together.  Because together, together we can do anything.  Together we can handle whatever life throws our way. Together we will laugh, we will cry, we’ll fall, we’ll stand up taller.  Together we’ll make this the best life ever.  Together we will celebrate this life of ours.  Together we will celebrate this beautiful adventure we call marriage.

 Jason, I love you more than after every year together.  I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond!  I love that I get to call you my husband & my best friend.  

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