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It all started when…


I took a photography class back in high school. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true. That’s when my love for photography began. At the time, I didn’t know I’d be photographing amazing love stories, I just liked the solitude of the darkroom. I liked seeing something I captured come to life.

Fast forward many years later, to when Jason and I are married. When our son was born, I seriously considered a career in photography. By then, I had taken more photography classes, I a darkroom in our home, and photography was something I did “on the side” as a hobby. I knew I wasn’t happy in my current career in human resources and photography was something I had been passionate about for a long time, so I decided to put myself out there. Once I photographed my first wedding, I knew that it was something I needed to do. I loved everything about it…the excitement, anticipation, chaos, laughter, and mostly, just all the love!! Capturing that love and connection between a bride and groom and, by extension, everyone else there, it seriously brings me so much joy.

I’m so happy I followed my gut all those years ago and kept pursing wedding photography. Starting this amazing business as a side hustle and seeing it grow into what it is today is something I am immensely proud of. I am honored that couples choose me to document their love stories.


The Process…


First and foremost, I believe it’s important that we connect. Prior to your big day, we’ll chat and go over all the details and just get to know each other a bit more. I’ll answer any/all your questions to help you feel at ease and go over what you can expect. I want to arrive at your wedding as your friend, one who is going to document your day in the best way and celebrate alongside with you!

My goal is to make you feel comfortable with me, so that you in turn feel comfortable in front of my camera. My couples like to have fun, which is great, because I love to have fun too! Laid back luxury is a term I like to use to describe my style. It’s romantic, but not stuffy. Casual, but not sloppy. While I definitely give you direction during our session, it’s mostly a guide to keep you relaxed and help bring out your genuine smiles and personalities! My job is to document your day, not recreate it with stiff posing or fake smiles.

If you like my style and what you’ve seen here and if my words resonate with you, then I would absolutely love to get to photograph your wedding day! Let’s chat soon and make it happen. I can’t wait to meet you. XO


What I love…


  • When I’m not shooting, editing, answering emails, or scrolling instagram, you can usually find me cuddled on the couch with Jason, drinking wine, munching on popcorn, and watching whatever Netflix show we’re into at the moment.

  • My family is everything. I love our 2 kiddos beyond words, even though they sometimes drive me bananas!

  • Travel fuels me. I’m always planning our next trip. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to SoCal, a camping trip to Utah, or an epic adventure in another country, traveling is my way to recharge and be inspired.

  • I pretty much live in my Birkenstocks, but I promise not to wear them on your wedding day.